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Conveyancing & HIP Service

  • Conveyancing from £495 plus VAT & disbs.

As Estate Agents we see a number of disappointed Buyers who fail to get the Property they want (and Sellers who lose Buyers) due to a number of reasons. The most common of which is the breakdown of communications with all the parties involved in property transactions. The most key party is your own Solicitor, so please choose wisely!

  • London Based- This is especially important if you are buying or selling a London property. It is essential that your Conveyancer understands the London property market and specializes in Property Law. We would always recommend that you have a Solicitor that you can meet. Yugin & Partners are based near a London Underground station and are within 1/2 hour from Central London.
  • Email Updates- Yugin & Partners have embraced current technology and are happy to correspond with clients by e-mail as well as scan documents to you within minutes making sure that issues arising out of your purchase or sale and dealt with efficiently.
  • Direct Name & Number: It is essential that you can speak directly to a named contact, and have a direct line to him/her. Communication is the key element of the buying and selling process. In our experience most property transactions which fail to complete are due to communications difficulties.
  • Specializes in all areas of Property Law. Yugin & Partners can advise you on the purchase or sale of your home, as well as issues relating to lease extensions and freehold enfranchisement. They also deal with Commercial Property whether it is a sale, purchase or lease of a small shop unit or large office block.
  • Can help you with other areas of Law - e.g. - making a Will. Solicitors (not just Conveyancers): For your peace of mind we would always recommend that you use a Solicitor, not just Conveyancers. Apart from the fact that Solicitors can help you with other business that you may have in the future, you never know what may occur with this transaction. Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions you make. Your choice of Solicitor is equally important.
  • Fees: We have negotiated some highly competitive Lawyers fees with Yugin & Partners London Solicitors – Conveyancers.
Property Price Buying Selling
£Nil to £500,000 £495.00 £495.00
Freehold Property Price    
£Nil to £500,000 £495.00 £495.00
Freehold & Leasehold Property Price    
£500,000 + Please call to discuss

What is included:

  • Prices exclude VAT & disbursements, but does include all mortgage work.
  • We have found that Yugin & Partners London Solicitors fee structure is very competitive. Whilst they obviously cannot beat the new generation of 'bucket-shop Conveyancers', you will have piece of mind knowing that you have engaged specialist property Solicitors.
  • These figures include 'Indemnity Insurance'. Please make sure that you are not paying for 'Indemnity insurance' this is a hidden charge that some Conveyancers add. Solicitors should include this within their fee structure and not charge you extra for it.

An example of Buying and Selling a Flat:

A Leasehold Flat Selling for £230,000.
Solicitors/Lawyers Fees £495
VAT £99
Land Registry Documents £16
CHAPS transfer £36
GRAND TOTAL (including VAT) £646
Buyer Purchasing a Leasehold Flat for £230,000.
Solicitors/Lawyers Fees £495
VAT £99
Disbursements - Land Registry £280
Disbursements - Local Authority Search etc £200
 SUB TOTAL (including VAT) £1,074
Stamp Duty @ 1% £2,300
 GRAND TOTAL (including VAT) £3,374

The above table is for illustrative purposes only, please get in contact for a quote relevant to your situation.

Stamp duty is paid by the person who purchases a property (the buyer). The amount is dependent on the price of the property:

Price band Duty
£0 - £125,000 0%
£125,001 - £250,000 1%
£250,001 - £500,000 3%
£500,000 - £1,000,000 4%

As from 6th April 2011 all properties over a £1,000,000 will be taxed at 5%

From 25th March 2010 first-time buyers purchasing properties worth up to £250,000 will pay no Stamp Duty. This relief will run until 25th March 2012. For the purposes of Stamp Duty Land Tax a first-time buyer is an indivual or individuals purchasing a residential property who intend to occupy the property as his/her/their only main residence and who have not previously purchased a property anywhere in the world

The Process for Buyers

Prior to instructing a Solicitor, you will have reached an agreement "Subject to Contract" for the sale or purchase of a property, most likely through an estate agent, and you will have probably have started the finance process , usually through a building society or bank.

You then have to instruct a solicitor to do the legal work on your behalf. Legally, nothing can stop the other party may withdraw from the agreement before "Exchange of Contracts" (this is known as Gazumping when the seller withdraws because he has accepted a higher offer from someone else), so most people want to exchange contracts as quickly as possible.

When you instruct a solicitor to buy or sell a house on your behalf the transaction proceeds in various stages that differ according to whether you are buying or selling;

The following things happen at each stage;

Instructions: This is where you tell the Solicitor what he needs to know to act on your behalf. If you instruct other firms of Solicitors you have to go to their office during business hours to talk to them in person.

Pre-Contract Papers: The Sellers Solicitors, having taken his clients instructions, prepares a draft contract and sends this with all of the other papers relating to the property (contents, fixtures & fittings, etc) to the buyers solicitor, including Home Information Pack (HIP) although in this is usually held by the Estate Agents.

Pre-Contract Searches & Inquiries: The Buyers Solicitor submits searches to the Local Authority asking about planning permissions and applications, road usage, electricity and water supply etc, and to such other agencies as may be required (coal board, water authority, environmental etc). They will also raise enquiries with the Seller's Solicitors on the title of the property.

Investigation of Title: When the results to all of these searches are returned then the Buyer's Solicitor will advise the Buyer accordingly.

Approve Draft Contract: The Buyer's Solicitor will make appropriate amendments to the draft Contract submitted by the Seller's Solicitor with the pre-contract papers, bearing in mind the Searches.

Exchange of Contracts: This is when a legally binding contract is made. This is the point at which you cannot be "Gazumped" any more! It is also when you fix the day the sale will take place - when you will get the keys, if you are a Buyer, or have to move out, if you are a Seller. A very important date!

Prepare Transfer Deed: The Buyer's Solicitor prepares the Deed that will legally transfer the Property from the Seller to the Buyer, and he will then send it to the Seller's Solicitor for approval.

Approve Transfer Deed: The Seller's Solicitor confirms that the Purchase Deed is acceptable.

Pre-Completion Searches: This is the stage at which title is formally acknowledged as being acceptable under the terms of the Contract, after any further questions that the buyer has about it have been answered. It is also the point at which the buyer's solicitor will have to give a report to the buyer's lender (bank, building society) as to whether the title gives sufficient security for the loan that is being extended.

Completion: The big day! The Buyer's Solicitor sends the money to the Seller's Solicitor, who confirms receipt and releases the keys to the Buyer. The Buyer can walk in and relax (before starting re-decorating etc.), and the Seller's Solicitor confirms the money is in the bank!

Post Completion Matters: The Seller's Solicitor discharges the Seller's mortgage, sends the discharge to the Buyer's Solicitors and the balance of the monies to the Seller. The Buyer's Solicitor pays tax on the Transfer ("Stamp Duty"), sends the discharge to the Land Registry to remove the entry relating to the Seller's mortgage, and then registers the Buyer as the new owner of the Property, together with the Buyer's mortgage.

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